El Potro Mexican Restaurant
4.7 Stars - Based on 388 User Reviews
Dalton Brumett AvatarDalton Brumett
- 9/15/2023 
Amanda Riddle AvatarAmanda Riddle
- 9/15/2023 
Brett Jarrett AvatarBrett Jarrett
- 9/14/2023 
A Lee AvatarA Lee
Try the Burrito Trio. Steak, Shrimp & Chicken... Delicious - 9/12/2023 
Jason Whitted (Stilts) AvatarJason Whitted (Stilts)
- 9/09/2023 
Amy Duke AvatarAmy Duke
Love this place - 8/28/2023 
Chad Houlihan AvatarChad Houlihan
- 8/28/2023 
Rhet Cole AvatarRhet Cole
Best Mexican restaurant around. Authentic food and great service. - 8/26/2023 
Olena V AvatarOlena V
This restaurant is a hidden gem. Excellent service, delicious food, pleasant atmosphere. I greatly enjoyed my dinner there. Those Mango margaritas are a hit! Highly... read more - 8/24/2023 
gene083 Avatargene083
Great! They have a vast menu, the food is great, and the service was on point. This is now one of my favorite restaurants to go. - 8/22/2023 
Luis Morales AvatarLuis Morales
está muy bien las comidas 👍👍👍👍 - 8/21/2023 
Heather Allen AvatarHeather Allen
This is a delightful little Mexican restaurant in downtown Edinburgh. The atmosphere is lovely, lots of colorful painted wood everywhere. The food is always very... read more - 8/14/2023 
Zebadiah Rykers AvatarZebadiah Rykers
- 8/11/2023 
Nikki Mayu Gualandi AvatarNikki Mayu Gualandi
Bright restaurant. The staff is super friendly and kind. The food?? Oh my god. It is one of the best Mexican restaurants I have come... read more - 8/09/2023 
Teresa Bennett AvatarTeresa Bennett
- 8/05/2023 
Amanda Jones AvatarAmanda Jones
Great food great drinks priced well - 8/04/2023 
jeanie costner Avatarjeanie costner
- 7/30/2023 
Cheryl Weingart AvatarCheryl Weingart
My hubby & I love this place. Always great food - and plenty of it, friendly & prompt service. And, the decor makes you almost... read more - 7/27/2023 
Rebecca Whitehorse AvatarRebecca Whitehorse
- 7/25/2023 
Andrew Remillard AvatarAndrew Remillard
We eat at a lot of Mexican restaurants and this is by far and away the best. The food was very tasty and generously sized... read more - 7/24/2023 
Cody Marshall AvatarCody Marshall
Always easy to get in and out of during lunch time and with the chips and salsa and meal it is very affordable! Paired with... read more - 7/21/2023 
Alicia Rocha AvatarAlicia Rocha
Primera vez que vengo a comer con mi familia y nos gusto mucho ala 4 es Lugar muy bonito sobre todo muy limpio muy... read more - 7/17/2023 
Jenny Hoskins AvatarJenny Hoskins
Beautiful remodel of this restaurant. Food authentic with a wide variety menu. Service was superb, efficient and kind staff. We enjoyed our first visit and... read more - 7/10/2023 
Greg Lewis AvatarGreg Lewis
- 7/09/2023 
Emerson Granados AvatarEmerson Granados
I 100% recommend this place. Good taste of the food two years ago I moved to Indy and I had not found a restaurant with... read more - 7/08/2023 
Jeffrey heckenast AvatarJeffrey heckenast
Honestly i was intimidated by the amount of food there was brought to my table. The food was phenomenal. Literally jaw Gazamic. Service was fun... read more - 7/06/2023 
Crystal Brummett AvatarCrystal Brummett
The food was amazing service was great looking forward to going back very soon - 7/06/2023 
Sara Scott AvatarSara Scott
- 7/02/2023 
Brian Mcdearmond AvatarBrian Mcdearmond
- 7/02/2023 
Gregg Miller AvatarGregg Miller
Always great food and drinks. Love this place. - 6/24/2023 
Felicia Velez AvatarFelicia Velez
- 6/24/2023 
Jon Hammond AvatarJon Hammond
From the street, this restaurant looks like a carry-out, but it has a number of seats and tables. For a small town, El Potro... read more - 6/22/2023 
Caleb Landis AvatarCaleb Landis
- 6/19/2023 
Bobbie Powell AvatarBobbie Powell
- 6/16/2023 
Nora Fuson AvatarNora Fuson
Wrong turn ended in a great lunch. Great food and service. - 6/03/2023 
JoAnn Thompson AvatarJoAnn Thompson
Great food and service. We'll be back. - 6/03/2023 
Mark Kinder AvatarMark Kinder
I have eaten here with friends 3 separate times and it has always been a great meal, service and atmosphere. Highly recommend - 5/29/2023 
Cher Armstrong AvatarCher Armstrong
- 5/18/2023 
beth chesser Avatarbeth chesser
Finally, a Mexican restaurant near me that offers chicken soup! It was very good. The salsa here is also one of my favorites. - 5/17/2023 
john hageman Avatarjohn hageman
Very good. Great staff - 5/16/2023 
Karen Nolan AvatarKaren Nolan
Very nice ambiance. The food is excellent. I go there often and always get great service. The prices are also excellent. They offer a really... read more - 5/15/2023 
Curtis AvatarCurtis
Food was fire! No complaints from our table at all. The waiter was really friendly. - 5/14/2023 
Rusty Shackleford AvatarRusty Shackleford
If you live in Edinburgh you probably already know about this place. I was visiting and it blew me away with how good it was.... read more - 5/13/2023 
Kelsy Burton AvatarKelsy Burton
Best Mexican food around!! Staff is so nice and the service is GREAT! Kid-friendliness: My child makes a mess every time he eats rice. 90%... read more - 5/07/2023 
Jessica A AvatarJessica A
The BEST chicken soft tacos I've ever had!!!! - 5/05/2023 
Rosa Settle AvatarRosa Settle
- 5/05/2023 
Brian Hines AvatarBrian Hines
- 5/04/2023 
Pam Logan AvatarPam Logan
- 5/04/2023 
Perry Ellington AvatarPerry Ellington
- 5/04/2023 
Stephen Toles AvatarStephen Toles
These people are awesome. They accomodate everything possible to make sure you leave with a smile. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants... read more - 4/26/2023 
Renovation Integrative Health AvatarRenovation Integrative Health
First thing we noticed was it was Warm inside (50 degrees outside) and the colorful artwork on the walls, ceiling, and furniture. The food was... read more - 4/25/2023 
Kat Vazquez AvatarKat Vazquez
Beautiful, colorful, great food, great customer service. A must if you're in the area! - 4/25/2023 
Anthony Slettvet AvatarAnthony Slettvet
The food was really good and the place was empty which I found surprising - 4/25/2023 
Jessica Roman AvatarJessica Roman
Enchiladas verdes and strawberry margaritas were excellent! - 4/25/2023 
Matt Brown AvatarMatt Brown
Up to snuff - 4/25/2023 
Danielle Prestage AvatarDanielle Prestage
- 4/22/2023 
Julia Proctor AvatarJulia Proctor
Very good place to go for authentic food and very reasonably priced! - 4/14/2023 
Tracey Callahan AvatarTracey Callahan
We love el Potro. We're so lucky to have them in the community. The food is fantastic. Drinks are festive. Staff is top notch. Never... read more - 4/04/2023 
SaraBeth Drybread AvatarSaraBeth Drybread
Service is fantastic! Food is delicious and accommodating to vegetarians. Staff is always friendly! Highly recommend. - 4/04/2023 
Keith Shepherd AvatarKeith Shepherd
- 4/02/2023 
Daniela Herrera AvatarDaniela Herrera
- 3/29/2023 
Colleen41 AvatarColleen41
- 3/28/2023 
victor hilliar Avatarvictor hilliar
My family and I had a great time! There were six of us eating. The service was amazing! It was a very clean place. The... read more - 3/27/2023 
Edward Sestito AvatarEdward Sestito
Good food , fair prices and great staff - 3/26/2023 
Lori Burton AvatarLori Burton
I always get take out. It’s always VERY fast and the staff is always kind and quick! - 3/21/2023 
Noah AvatarNoah
- 3/20/2023 
We try to get in there at least once a week. The Food is always fresh and excellently prepared. The restaurant is cleaner than it... read more - 3/10/2023 
Jodie Combs AvatarJodie Combs
Good food and restaurant is clean! - 3/10/2023 
Jacqui Burgess AvatarJacqui Burgess
- 3/09/2023 
Rick Chambers AvatarRick Chambers
We really enjoyed our night here. It was a good clean atmosphere, with pleasant staff. And we enjoyed our meal as well. - 3/06/2023 
Derek Bryant AvatarDerek Bryant
- 3/05/2023 
Felicia Whitaker AvatarFelicia Whitaker
Food and Service are always top notch! Drinks are always great as well! Vegetarian options: Tty the country salad without meat.. DELICIOUS! Kid-friendliness: Several kid... read more - 3/04/2023 
Chris Reeves AvatarChris Reeves
Food is great, fresh, hot flavorful. The service is good but sometimes they seem understaffed. - 3/04/2023 
Charlie Tallman AvatarCharlie Tallman
A step above in quality of food and service, than your typical Mexican restaurant. - 3/04/2023 
Elvis Espinoza AvatarElvis Espinoza
- 3/03/2023 
Brittany Stewart AvatarBrittany Stewart
- 2/27/2023 
Jason Jones AvatarJason Jones
- 2/27/2023 
Jason Jones AvatarJason Jones
Great restaurant, amazing service I couldn't finish the burrito but food was delicious. I will always go to this restaurant. - 2/25/2023 
L Renea “ChunkyMonkey” Coffey AvatarL Renea “ChunkyMonkey” Coffey
Tuesday tacos 99 cents - 2/21/2023 
Sept Angel 75 AvatarSept Angel 75
This has been some of the best food around. If you have never been you are missing out - 2/20/2023 
Troy Hamilton AvatarTroy Hamilton
- 2/20/2023 
Kevin B AvatarKevin B
Great mexican food in a small town out of the way strip mall. The menu is large and suited to just about any mexican... read more - 2/18/2023 
Eric Mccombs AvatarEric Mccombs
Fast friendly service Great food competitive prices you definitely get what you pay for - 2/15/2023 
Donna Stanfill AvatarDonna Stanfill
This used to be another Mexican restaurant that was horrible 😕 but the new owners did a great job fixing and cleaning the place AND... read more - 2/12/2023 
Matthew AvatarMatthew
Best Mexican restaurant around. The food is great. The service is wonderful and people are nice. The margaritas are generous. - 2/08/2023 
G Fatima AvatarG Fatima
We made a stop for dinner at El Potro after shopping at Edinburgh premium outlet - Indian. The ambience and food are superb - the... read more - 2/04/2023 
Isaiah Underhill AvatarIsaiah Underhill
- 2/04/2023 
Justice Burton AvatarJustice Burton
Get a lot of food for price. People are always friendly. Service is amazing and quick. - 1/21/2023 
Liz Schrader AvatarLiz Schrader
- 1/21/2023 
John Jessen AvatarJohn Jessen
Great service great atmosphere great food always Great place to eat we eat there often - 1/11/2023 
Matthew McPherson AvatarMatthew McPherson
Best bang for your buck, by far. I've never been disappointed eating here - 1/11/2023 
Chastity Norton AvatarChastity Norton
Fast, Delicuous and visibly appetizing!!! Love this place ♥️♥️♥️ - 1/11/2023 
Joseph Hebble AvatarJoseph Hebble
Great food. Prompt service and excellent selection. - 1/11/2023 
Michael Saltsgaver AvatarMichael Saltsgaver
A great place to eat and good pricing - 1/11/2023 
Kerry Houck AvatarKerry Houck
Shrimp Fajitas were awesome!!! - 1/11/2023 
- 12/11/2022 
James Anonymous AvatarJames Anonymous
It's very hard to find a Midwest Mexican restaurant that doesn't use the same tired menu all the others use. El Potro has managed... read more - 11/11/2022 
Amy Berti AvatarAmy Berti
We had the chicken fajitas. It was so big my husband and I split it. It was absolutely delicious. Down to the chips and salsa.... read more - 11/11/2022 
Stacey Crissen AvatarStacey Crissen
Best service I have had in a long time and the food is delicious. I live in Bloomington, but will be making the trip again... read more - 11/11/2022 
Sherry Willis AvatarSherry Willis
Vegetarian options: We did not need this Kid-friendliness: Love these guys always nice ànd polite - 11/11/2022 
Evodio Temich AvatarEvodio Temich
- 11/11/2022 
Teresa Dougherty AvatarTeresa Dougherty
Very fast service, the food was right, and they make their own tortilla shells Parking: Large parking lot for a small town - 10/11/2022 
Robert Wilson AvatarRobert Wilson
El Potro is a great place for Tex-Mex. Friendly service, good prices and good location. - 10/11/2022 
deynmit gonzalez Avatardeynmit gonzalez
Muy buen luges buenas atención muy buenas comida … 100% recomendado - 10/11/2022 
Steven Russell AvatarSteven Russell
Great restaurant with outstanding food and service - 10/11/2022 
Mike Sanders AvatarMike Sanders
The food and service was awesome as always - 10/11/2022 
grant robinson Avatargrant robinson
Delicious food, fast and friendly service. - 10/11/2022 
Beckey Seal AvatarBeckey Seal
Food was delicious - 10/11/2022 
Jesus Cruz AvatarJesus Cruz
Good food oo - 10/11/2022 
Garry Rooks AvatarGarry Rooks
- 10/11/2022 
Alex Sheckles AvatarAlex Sheckles
- 10/11/2022 
David Kent AvatarDavid Kent
Amazing little Mexican restaurant. Everything was very clean and the service staff were all professional and polite. I had the la diabla tacos both times... read more - 9/11/2022 
Justice Burton AvatarJustice Burton
Parking: Needs better parking. They are on corner and by gestation so it's hard to park sometimes. There busy because food and service is amazing.... read more - 9/11/2022 
katelynn c Avatarkatelynn c
They gave us plenty of food for the price we paid it was perfect. The service was fast and our waiter was super nice. - 9/11/2022 
Aubrey Huber AvatarAubrey Huber
We’re from out of town and came here with our family. The food was great! Very large portions. Service was amazing! - 9/11/2022 
Courtney Nicole AvatarCourtney Nicole
Come here almost every time Im in Nineveh. Always hot, fresh, tasty food with great service. - 9/11/2022 
Tina Dobson AvatarTina Dobson
Food was delicious. Nice size portions. Service was great. Highly recommend. - 9/11/2022 
Sandy Teter AvatarSandy Teter
People very friendly and efficient. Very fresh and tasty food. - 9/11/2022 
Jo Adcock AvatarJo Adcock
Best Mexican food in the county and the service is great. - 9/11/2022 
Joshua Canine AvatarJoshua Canine
Great Food and margaritas are phenomenal - 9/11/2022 
Ryan Brechtl AvatarRyan Brechtl
Quick, friendly service. Food was good. - 9/11/2022 
Farrah Davis AvatarFarrah Davis
Good food and customer service! - 9/11/2022 
Jerry Harris AvatarJerry Harris
- 9/11/2022 
playboyposer Avatarplayboyposer
- 9/11/2022 
Jesus Cruz AvatarJesus Cruz
- 9/11/2022 
Chrystal Canine AvatarChrystal Canine
- 9/11/2022 
1111 1111 Avatar1111 1111
Love the food here and the margaritas are pretty big and amaizing. The staff was supper friendly and the food was super quick. - 8/11/2022 
Angela Denison AvatarAngela Denison
This is a hidden gem in Edinburgh. Definitely recommend the supreme quesadilla. Amazing food! - 8/11/2022 
Corey Plunkett AvatarCorey Plunkett
Best Mexican joint around Vegetarian options: Options for everyone Parking: A lot of space - 8/11/2022 
Travis Buth AvatarTravis Buth
Great local mexican restaurant. They treat me well and the food is great! - 8/11/2022 
Susan Sullivan-Neville AvatarSusan Sullivan-Neville
Wonderful food and drinks and the service is consistently top notch.👌 - 8/11/2022 
Ruben Quezada AvatarRuben Quezada
Great food and service! BEST MARGARITAS IN TOWN!!!! - 8/11/2022 
Mary Salee AvatarMary Salee
Wonderful food and good service and great company. - 8/11/2022 
Ryan P. AvatarRyan P.
Friendly staff. Great food. Excellent margaritas - 8/11/2022 
Jim Wood AvatarJim Wood
Great food and service!! Definitely 5 stars! - 8/11/2022 
Robert Horsley AvatarRobert Horsley
Great service and food. - 8/11/2022 
Beckey Seal AvatarBeckey Seal
Friendly staff - 8/11/2022 
Marlo Mcneil AvatarMarlo Mcneil
- 8/11/2022 
Margie Dehart AvatarMargie Dehart
- 8/11/2022 
Julie Moses AvatarJulie Moses
Fun place, delicious food - 7/11/2022 
Angel Carman AvatarAngel Carman
yum - 7/11/2022 
Matt Turpin AvatarMatt Turpin
- 7/11/2022 
Kali Correll AvatarKali Correll
- 7/11/2022 
Kylie AvatarKylie
I eat here all the time! Whether inside or to go. The staff is always great. It’s very welcoming and because of our... read more - 6/11/2022 
Mark Ballard AvatarMark Ballard
Hand down great Mexican food around. - 6/11/2022 
Jim LeSueur AvatarJim LeSueur
Excellent food, great staff. - 6/11/2022 
Casey Eudy AvatarCasey Eudy
- 6/11/2022 
Dorothy Ryhal AvatarDorothy Ryhal
- 6/11/2022 
Judy C. AvatarJudy C.
Great food and excellent service! - 5/11/2022 
Michael Spalding AvatarMichael Spalding
Great food, friendly hosts. - 5/11/2022 
Joseph Carroll AvatarJoseph Carroll
Good food and well priced. - 5/11/2022 
Trish Neville AvatarTrish Neville
Great service and food! - 5/11/2022 
Rusty White AvatarRusty White
Love the food here - 5/11/2022 
Bob Moreno AvatarBob Moreno
Friendly and good - 5/11/2022 
Recent Shopper AvatarRecent Shopper
Good service - 5/11/2022 
Hollie Butler AvatarHollie Butler
- 5/11/2022 
Steve “Hickstick” Hickman AvatarSteve “Hickstick” Hickman
I moved to Nineveh in 2021 and El Potro is just 8 minutes from my home. I have eaten there thirty times since then... read more - 4/11/2022 
Nate Sanders AvatarNate Sanders
Dude just go here! There is no better Mexican cuisine with in 100 miles guaranteed! Probably more.So glad this group somehow ended up here in... read more - 4/11/2022 
Jim Tolbert AvatarJim Tolbert
Who was highly recommend this place to anyone who wants good food. Service is great. It is a nice comfortable place to eat at great... read more - 4/11/2022 
Darrell Rankin AvatarDarrell Rankin
Good food and good service. Loved it. - 4/11/2022 
Jessica Redmon AvatarJessica Redmon
- 4/11/2022 
Tammy Stultz AvatarTammy Stultz
- 4/11/2022 
Jim Lunsford AvatarJim Lunsford
My wife and I stopped by at dinner time on a Thursday. The service was great. The decor is nice. The quality and quantity of... read more - 3/11/2022 
Alisia Vitale AvatarAlisia Vitale
Truly good food. These are not canned beans like the majority of other restaurants. They season perfectly. Best restaurant for Mexican food around. - 3/11/2022 
jeff Coy Avatarjeff Coy
Great food and great staff! - 3/11/2022 
alyssa Avataralyssa
- 3/11/2022 
Susan Ferguson AvatarSusan Ferguson
- 3/11/2022 
Jose Garcia AvatarJose Garcia
Pros: Authentic Mexican great tasting food; excellent Horchata; Excellent Salsa!!!!! Great staff!!! Cons: none!!! Overall: This place is by far the best Mexican food... read more - 2/11/2022 
Jacob Kennedy AvatarJacob Kennedy
Wow! What a cool little place. I make it a point to find at least one Mexican restaurant in every city I'm in. I talked... read more - 2/11/2022 
Christy Thomas AvatarChristy Thomas
Fast and friendly service!! The restaurant it self is nice inside, i love the round lights that are above the table's! Reasonable price's on their... read more - 2/11/2022 
Josue Estrada AvatarJosue Estrada
I came to this area for some training. While here I stopped by this joint and boy was it worth the stop. Friendly staff, great... read more - 2/11/2022 
pam hayes Avatarpam hayes
This is the most friendly and best food in all of Indiana. I came in by myself and was very comfortable and... read more - 2/11/2022 
bill effinger Avatarbill effinger
Love this restaurant, people are nice, food is great, service is impeccable, prices are good , honestly can't say enough good things - 2/11/2022 
Darryn Frazee AvatarDarryn Frazee
Great place, great food, great staff!! These folks have done a great job with this place, and the community loves the food!! - 2/11/2022 
will hayes Avatarwill hayes
Food is amazing, highly recommend the super quesadilla. Great service, would definitely bring family and friends here. - 2/11/2022 
michelle Blume Avatarmichelle Blume
Clean establishment upbeat atmosphere. The waiters care about their customers and their jobs. Polite and friendly - 2/11/2022 
Marco Antonio Sanchez Castellanos AvatarMarco Antonio Sanchez Castellanos
Excelente comida mexicana... buen ambiente, amable atencion y sobre todo la calidad de la comida!! Recomendado!! - 2/11/2022 
C R**d AvatarC R**d
Good food and very good service. I'm glad they are there and are able to handle larger groups as they come in. - 2/11/2022 
Jeremiah Parker AvatarJeremiah Parker
Great staff, fast service, and great food. Would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Mexican food. - 2/11/2022 
Danimal moberly AvatarDanimal moberly
Always great service and great food. They don't disappoint. They have also made a nice bar area! - 2/11/2022 
Pamela Cade AvatarPamela Cade
Excellent food wonderful atmosphere dine in or carry out I am addicted to their shrimp enchiladas - 2/11/2022 
Austin Williams AvatarAustin Williams
Have ate there 10+ times and have never had a bad experience. Great drinks and awesome service - 2/11/2022 
Brian Sheckles AvatarBrian Sheckles
I love this place good food great atmosphere and the people make you feel like family - 2/11/2022 
Krystal Brummitt AvatarKrystal Brummitt
My favorite Authentic Mexican place to eat. It is so good. Great service and fast. - 2/11/2022 
Christy Lane AvatarChristy Lane
Love the service we get everytime we go in. Very good food and good company - 2/11/2022 
Teresa Waltman AvatarTeresa Waltman
We absolutely love this Mexican restaurant! Gret food,service and atmosphere! - 2/11/2022 
Amanda Wilkerson AvatarAmanda Wilkerson
Quick and friendly service - Javier is great! Delicious and hefty portions. - 2/11/2022 
Michael Ryan AvatarMichael Ryan
Love this place. Great food and nice staff. Cadillac margaritas are bomb. - 2/11/2022 
Melissa Slutz AvatarMelissa Slutz
My favorite restaurant in Nineveh! They always cater to my picky self. 😊 - 2/11/2022 
c Avatarc
Great, affordable food. Beto, Javier, Augustin, are all wonderful. - 2/11/2022 
Greg Hunter AvatarGreg Hunter
Always quick friendly service and very good authentic Mexican food. - 2/11/2022 
pamela mitchell Avatarpamela mitchell
Food was delicious and service was excellent. We will be back. - 2/11/2022 
Brad Reel AvatarBrad Reel
Excellent food. Wonderful service. Very fair prices. - 2/11/2022 
Paul septoski AvatarPaul septoski
We have finally found a go to Mexican restaurant - 2/11/2022 
Mike Swienton AvatarMike Swienton
Quick, good and reasonably priced! I'll be back - 2/11/2022 
Ruth Johnson AvatarRuth Johnson
Food was delicious and service was very good - 2/11/2022 
Barb Mccorkle AvatarBarb Mccorkle
Good food. .Communication could be better. - 2/11/2022 
Dustin Swallows AvatarDustin Swallows
very great food and the staff are amazing - 2/11/2022 
Johanna Bastin AvatarJohanna Bastin
Delicious food and wonderful service!! - 2/11/2022 
Angela Rutledge AvatarAngela Rutledge
Food and service is always great. - 2/11/2022 
james payton Avatarjames payton
Good food Great margaritas!! - 2/11/2022 
Adam Webb AvatarAdam Webb
Awesome food, Great service. - 2/11/2022 
Charles Rabe AvatarCharles Rabe
Good food friendly service - 2/11/2022 
Joe Waltz AvatarJoe Waltz
Good food & great service! - 2/11/2022 
Travis Ramey AvatarTravis Ramey
Great food friendly staff - 2/11/2022 
Santiago Otero AvatarSantiago Otero
Excellent and good price - 2/11/2022 
Jeff Coahran AvatarJeff Coahran
Best Mexican food ever. - 2/11/2022 
Anita Wright AvatarAnita Wright
Great food and service. - 2/11/2022 
colton walls Avatarcolton walls
Was absolutely great - 2/11/2022 
Super Fast service - 2/11/2022 
Austin AvatarAustin
Always good! - 2/11/2022 
Laura T AvatarLaura T
Delicious 😋 - 2/11/2022 
Anthony Bridges AvatarAnthony Bridges
Great food! - 2/11/2022 
Anna Donnelly AvatarAnna Donnelly
Great food - 2/11/2022 
Danelle simpson AvatarDanelle simpson
Yummy - 2/11/2022 
Cristy R AvatarCristy R
- 2/11/2022 
Devin Mckain AvatarDevin Mckain
- 2/11/2022 
Stephanie Estes AvatarStephanie Estes
- 2/11/2022 
Bradley Alexander AvatarBradley Alexander
- 2/11/2022 
Lacey Voils AvatarLacey Voils
- 2/11/2022 
Charles Boyle AvatarCharles Boyle
- 2/11/2022 
Shanda Hibbs AvatarShanda Hibbs
- 2/11/2022 
Gary Russell AvatarGary Russell
- 2/11/2022 
Peyton Fenner AvatarPeyton Fenner
- 2/11/2022 
Father Rick Nagel AvatarFather Rick Nagel
- 2/11/2022 
Monica Park AvatarMonica Park
- 2/11/2022 
Laura Allred AvatarLaura Allred
- 2/11/2022 
Rebecca Rice AvatarRebecca Rice
- 2/11/2022 
Amanda Riddle AvatarAmanda Riddle
- 2/11/2022 
Guy Christensen AvatarGuy Christensen
- 2/11/2022 
Jake Craig AvatarJake Craig
- 2/11/2022 
Tom AvatarTom
- 2/11/2022 
Judy Comeau AvatarJudy Comeau
- 2/11/2022 
Ken Lovett AvatarKen Lovett
- 2/11/2022 
Summer Williams AvatarSummer Williams
- 2/11/2022 
Mommy's RaceCar AvatarMommy's RaceCar
- 2/11/2022 
Benjamin Pace AvatarBenjamin Pace
- 2/11/2022 
Sherry Dowell AvatarSherry Dowell
- 2/11/2022 
Vanessa Ross AvatarVanessa Ross
- 2/11/2022 
Katherina Mata AvatarKatherina Mata
- 2/11/2022 
Ethan Taylor AvatarEthan Taylor
- 2/11/2022 
Janice Wildman AvatarJanice Wildman
- 2/11/2022 
Rual Voils AvatarRual Voils
- 2/11/2022 
Elaine Sisson AvatarElaine Sisson
- 2/11/2022 
Samantha Miller AvatarSamantha Miller
- 2/11/2022 
Maria Lopez AvatarMaria Lopez
- 2/11/2022 
Andrew Compton AvatarAndrew Compton
- 2/11/2022 
Pamela Stephens AvatarPamela Stephens
- 2/11/2022 
Colleen Farris AvatarColleen Farris
- 2/11/2022 
Mary Brummett AvatarMary Brummett
My very first experience at this place is that the place is a great place to eat, the employees were nice and helpful, the food... read more - 2/11/2021 
T/L Productions AvatarT/L Productions
This place had the best Mexican food around!!!! We eat Mexican food alot, all the local places like MI Jeff, MI Pueblo, MI abuela, etc.... read more - 2/11/2021 
George Tackett AvatarGeorge Tackett
It's by far the best Mexican restaurant I've ever visited! It's not just the food but the service as well. These people are definitely on... read more - 2/11/2021 
David Yancey AvatarDavid Yancey
Great Tex Mex restaurant. The staff is friendly and almost always quick unless you arrive at the busiest time. Fantastic value for high quality meals. - 2/11/2021 
Matt Shutters AvatarMatt Shutters
EL Potro will never let you down. Even on the busiest days service and their food never changes. Always a great meal every time we go. - 2/11/2021 
patty ellis Avatarpatty ellis
Food was delicious and service was excellent. I’d highly recommend them l must add their place was very CLEAN in appearance - 2/11/2021 
Lorie Morris AvatarLorie Morris
I love this restaurant! Best Mexican in this part of Indiana. Incredible guacamole dig, and fajitas! - 2/11/2021 
Arty Wiser AvatarArty Wiser
They have some of the best street tacos I have ever had at a restaurant. Super friendly and clean. - 2/11/2021 
Brandi Small AvatarBrandi Small
Great food and great service!!!!! Very comfortable!! Me and my family enjoyed it very much 😊😊 - 2/11/2021 
Bryan Caudill AvatarBryan Caudill
We had an awesome meal and awesome service at a reasonable price... I couldn’t ask for more! - 2/11/2021 
Shelby Apple AvatarShelby Apple
This is my favorite Mexican cuisine restaurant!! Ill gladly drive 35 minutes to go here ❤❤ - 2/11/2021 
Shelbey Allender AvatarShelbey Allender
Absolutely love their food and their servers! We all ways go back because of that! - 2/11/2021 
Gregg Morgan AvatarGregg Morgan
We love this place! The food is always good and they have the best margaritas! - 2/11/2021 
Megan Doty AvatarMegan Doty
Best food around, We usually come here 8nstead of Morgantown or Trafalgar - 2/11/2021 
Martha Alvarado AvatarMartha Alvarado
Excelente atención, y la comida cómo hecha en casa , magnífico lugar ... - 2/11/2021 
Heidi E Lovins AvatarHeidi E Lovins
It's our weekly spot!! And we order Togo alot too!! They are good to us! - 2/11/2021 
Paula Taylor AvatarPaula Taylor
We love this place. Fast friendly service and the food is good. - 2/11/2021 
Alex Floyd AvatarAlex Floyd
Good food, great staff, better prices. !Voy a revolver pronto! - 2/11/2021 
David G AvatarDavid G
Very good place to eat Mexican cuisine. Highly recommended. - 2/11/2021 
Michelle Barrymore AvatarMichelle Barrymore
Best mexican restaurant in indiana. Worth the drive trust me - 2/11/2021 
George Tackett AvatarGeorge Tackett
It's by far the best Mexican restaurant I've ever been to - 2/11/2021 
Ian Patterson AvatarIan Patterson
Great food and great service. Thanks for everything. - 2/11/2021 
Jody Beard AvatarJody Beard
Really love this place. Good food and great service - 2/11/2021 
Amy Haupert AvatarAmy Haupert
Excellent food and service. The salsa is AWESOME! - 2/11/2021 
James Henk AvatarJames Henk
Great food and great service everytime. - 2/11/2021 
Brandon Sharer AvatarBrandon Sharer
One of the best lunch places in town! - 2/11/2021 
debbie ross Avatardebbie ross
Our favorite place kn the weekend! - 2/11/2021 
Justin Kennedy AvatarJustin Kennedy
Great food, very fast service - 2/11/2021 
Richard Meredith AvatarRichard Meredith
Great food..great service 👍👍 - 2/11/2021 
Sharon Atkinson AvatarSharon Atkinson
Love the service and food - 2/11/2021 
Terry Maynard AvatarTerry Maynard
Great food and Marquitas - 2/11/2021 
Jim Hendrix AvatarJim Hendrix
Good food and cold beer - 2/11/2021 
Casey Fyfe AvatarCasey Fyfe
Great food and service - 2/11/2021 
Ray Man AvatarRay Man
Their large margaritas - 2/11/2021 
Kim Cary AvatarKim Cary
Food was excellent!! - 2/11/2021 
Pamela Craven AvatarPamela Craven
Highly recommend! - 2/11/2021 
Kimberly Austin AvatarKimberly Austin
Wonderful place! - 2/11/2021 
Karen Mercer AvatarKaren Mercer
Great food - 2/11/2021 
Lilwill15t AvatarLilwill15t
- 2/11/2021 
Amanda Vogel AvatarAmanda Vogel
- 2/11/2021 
Dakoda Featherstone AvatarDakoda Featherstone
- 2/11/2021 
Robert Rollins AvatarRobert Rollins
- 2/11/2021 
David Worthy AvatarDavid Worthy
- 2/11/2021 
Darlene Robertson AvatarDarlene Robertson
- 2/11/2021 
Kibachu AvatarKibachu
- 2/11/2021 
Forrest Bellew AvatarForrest Bellew
- 2/11/2021 
Joseph Keil AvatarJoseph Keil
- 2/11/2021 
Drew Johnson AvatarDrew Johnson
- 2/11/2021